Angular meetup #18. Performance

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Стартуем в 19.00 по МСК
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Дата и время

3 сентября 2020, 16:00 – 18:00

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How we share Angular between applications
We have dozens of micro-applications. Each of them contains Angular. In my talk, I will tell you how we share Angular between applications.
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Игорь Кацуба
Let’s Optimize an Angular App
When working on an enterprise application, the focus should be to make the application fast, which includes a lot of factors like lazy loading, bundle size of the application, number of API calls, In this talk, we will learn how to optimize your application using the tools available.
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Santosh Yadav
Google Developer Expert, Author & Trainer
Fully Zone-Less - High-Performance Angular applications in post IVY
The async pipe is boring! Understand the guts of Angulars change detection and why zone.js is your biggest enemy. Learn the trick on template bindings, component rendering, and where you pay the biggest price. As the tip of the iceberg, you will learn how to identify and avoid blocking UIs by analyzing flame charts and leverage task scheduling. In the end, you will be able to build applications with zone-less performance even in a zone-full environment.
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Michael Hladky
Google Developer Expert